Alarm Radio – 460MHz


Radio that is installed next to the alarm center of the monitored location.



Radio that is installed next to the alarm center of the monitored location. Communication between the control panel and the Radio Alarm is done using the CONTACT-ID protocol or bus*.

The advantages of radio transmission over traditional means of transmission (Telephone, GPRS and Ethernet) are many.

Radio transmission:

  • It can be deployed in places where there is no telephony or internet infrastructure;
  • Does not suffer the action of cell phone blockers;
  • It cannot be interrupted by cutting the telephone wires at the entrance to the monitored location;
  • Simplified installation;
  • No towers needed;
  • It has no monthly cost.

New Serial Bus Radio option

A more economical option for the exclusive use of communication via serial bus with control panels*. It can also be used with unmonitored switches (2 or 4 PGM inputs) and at repeat points where communication via contact-ID is not required.

Communication via the bus can be done with CWR-32, AMT4010SMART, Active JFL line, SP/MG Paradox and COMPATEC AW6 line.


Equipment in the 459-460MHz / 469-470MHz band operates on a frequency licensed by ANATEL.

Before starting the operation, you must request the grant to explore the SLP (Private Limited Service) and also register the frequency to be used with Anatel, according to Anatel resolution 558/2010 and 617/2013.


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