Solutions in Smart City Radioenge.Energy management, control and automation in the right measure.

For Smart City applications, the radios developed by Radioenge work on a MESH network and are specially designed for use in adverse conditions such as on top of poles or inside measuring boxes.

Smart City Radioenge | Radioenge

The MESH Radioenge Network allows the communication between two points to pass through several component nodes of the network. If the communication source and destination radios are not in direct range, other radio components of the network repeat the information until reaching the destination. The route that the data packet travels is automatically defined by the technology embedded in the radios. If any radio that makes up the route suffers any obstruction, the data packet proceeds along a new path until reaching its destination.

All routing activity is carried out automatically and transparently to the application. Up to 1,024 radios can be simultaneously connected to a network, and this number can be higher for specific applications.

The communication protocol used is MODBUS, but special custom protocols can be implemented on demand.

General Technical characteristics:

  • Up to 1,024 radios per MESH network.
  • Auto Routing: The best route between two radios is determined automatically.
  • Self Healing: in case of failure of any node in the network, other radios automatically take over the routing.
  • Bitrates from 120 kbps to 500 kbps in RF.
  • Remote firmware update of radios performed via RF.

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    Advantages of Radioenge Smart City.

    Low infrastructure cost.

    Answers the most diverse energy communication protocols.

    Allows remote application control and management.

    Why choose Radioenge?

    With its own 100% national technology, the company is the market leader in MESH network radios for smart grid and security applications in the country.

    Why choose Radioenge? | Radioenge Smart City | Energy Management and AutomationRadioenge

    The word of those who know the most about technology: our customers.

    • “The Radioenge wireless alarm system was purchased by my company. The sensors are really good, really good. The plant works very well. And, it even has its own app. Many thanks to Radioenge. Your material is excellent.”

      José Agostinho
      General Director of Harpia Segurança Privada
    • “We would like to thank our commercial partner Radioenge, for his collaboration and dedication during all these years of work and partnership.”

      Alexandre Vieira
      General manager of SIS Alarmes
    • “Thanks Radioenge. I am very, very, very happy with your work, service and equipment.”

      Adriana Silveira
      Manager of Silveira Segurança Privada

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