A company with 100% national technology.

Products developed in Brazil and approved throughout the world.

Your security is no longer hanging by a thread.

Discover our line of wireless alarms.

Safely, one of the best wireless alarm centers in Brazil.

Radioenge. Smart solutions in Security, Smart City and IoT.

Welcome to Radioenge.

We are a company with 100% national technology, specialist in radio frequency. We work in the areas of Security, Smart City and Internet of Things. We have an exclusive laboratory dedicated to wireless product development.

Your tranquility is no longer hanging by a thread.

Your security system cannot be held hostage by a cable or a telephone line. Therefore, our wireless system and wireless products offer maximum reliability, efficiency and quality. Discover our solutions.


More than a decade of innovation and cutting edge technology.

Founded in 2007, Radioenge is an engineering company that develops products and systems with high efficiency, durability and reliability. We are specialists in the use of radio frequency for monitoring alarm centers, energy telemetering, MESH networks for smart grid and security applications, as well as wireless modules, antennas, alarms and sensors. We value the quality of equipment and the support we provide to our customers and business partners.


Our name

As the best technology has to offer, our name is a simple proof that we were born to add: Radio + Engineering = Radioenge. If you are looking for solutions with quality and reliability, join us and get to know our products.

Our leadership

We understand radio. No wonder Radioenge is number 1 in the mesh network radio market. We use this technology in our radios for Smart City, Radio Alarm and LoRaMESH modules for IoT.

Our infrastructure

We are proud to develop 100% Brazilian technology in Security, Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT). That's why we´ve invested in a laboratory dedicated to testing and developing wireless products.

Testimonial of those who know the most about technology: our customers.

  • “The Radioenge wireless alarm system was purchased by my company. The sensors are really good, really good. The plant works very well. And, it even has its own app. Many thanks to Radioenge. Your material is excellent.”

    José AgostinhoGeneral Director of Harpia Segurança Privada
  • “We would like to thank our commercial partner Radioenge, for his collaboration and dedication during all these years of work and partnership.”

    Alexandre VieiraGeneral manager of SIS Alarmes
  • “Thanks Radioenge. I am very, very, very happy with your work, service and equipment.”

    Adriana SilveiraManager of Silveira Segurança Privada

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