Radioenge Security Solutions.
Your tranquility is no longer hanging by a thread.

Your security cannot be held hostage by a cable or a telephone line. That's why we have developed a complete solution for long-range wireless alarm switches and sensors. And also radios for monitoring alarm centers. Check it out:

Alarm system

Radioenge Wireless Alarm System is the most practical, reliable and easy to install. Ideal for those who want to get rid of the wires, but do not compromise on security.

Developed exclusively for the characteristics of the Brazilian market, it is perfect for monitoring and for the user.

    Check out some more benefits:

  • Long battery life sensors.
  • Long communication range (LoRa technology).
  • Remote management on mobile cloud via Radioenge App.
  • Complete programming on mobile via Radioenge Config.
  • 24 hours a day monitoring sensors.
Alarm System Packshot | Radioenge

Radio Alarm

Radioenge Radio Alarm allows the transmission of events generated by the customer's alarm center via radio to the monitoring company. With Radio Alarm, the communication of the exchange cannot be canceled by cutting the telephone or internet wires in the protected location.

    Radio transmission has several advantages:

  • There is no monthly fee.
  • Does not depend on the phone line.
  • No cell or internet signal required.
  • The events are sent even under the action of cell blockers.
  • Super simple installation.

Network MESH Radioenge.

Mesh network or mesh network is a network system in which the “nodes” of your infrastructure serve as repeaters among themselves, cooperating with each other to transmit data from one point to another.

The Mesh Radioenge network follows the same reasoning, except that it was developed with its own 100% national technology that allows data between two radios to pass through several radios that are part of the network.

Reliability and security.

If any radio that makes up the route suffers any obstruction, the data packet proceeds along a new path until reaching its destination. That is, the other radios in the network repeat the information until confirmation of arrival.

To top it off, all communication is encrypted and the best route is automatically defined.

An exclusive network.

With Radioenge you build your own communication network with efficiency and agility. A wireless solution that doesn't depend on cables, your internet or telephone provider. And for that very reason, much faster, safer and more effective.

In this way, your company no longer depends on third-party services to guarantee a key part of monitoring: communication.

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    Advantages of Radioenge Security.

    Products with own technology, 100% national, specially developed for the Brazilian market.

    Wireless alarm, without holes in the structure, sending events via Ethernet, Radio Alarm and option for GPRS Module.

    A complete and reliable product line for Alarm System and also Radio Alarm.

    All the security of the Radioenge brand: market leader in MESH network radios.

    Segurança APP Radioenge | Radioenge Security | Mesh Network and Wireless AlarmsRadioenge

    Meet the Radioenge App.

    The Radioenge App user app is 100% free and compatible with the entire Radioenge alarm line. By using Radioenge Cloud, it is very easy to register the center in the app. The app is available for both Android and IOS. Download it now and check it out:
    • Event notifications.
    • Visual indication of signal level and sensor batteries.
    • Allows you to make a diagnosis of the control panel.
    • Arm and disarm switch partitions.
    • View the alarm panel event list.
    • Bypassing zones (sector bypass).
    • Activation of programmable outputs (PGMs).
    • Camera registration (RTSP).

    Download Radioenge App and put all this security in the palm of your hand.

    Meet the Radioenge Config.

    With the installation application Radioenge Config it is possible to configure all parameters of Radioenge control panels. Connecting to them is very easy: it automatically finds the ones that are on the same network. Check out:
    • Complete programming of the switch.
    • It automatically finds Radioenge centrals that are on the same network.
    • Configuration of zones.
    • Configuration of partitions.
    • Configuration of users.
    • Setting up permissions for users.
    • Sensor test (in addition to viewing via app, warns of test detection with a beep on the siren).

    Download Radioenge Config and configure your switch without complications.

    Meet the Radioenge Config | Radioenge Security | Mesh Network and Wireless AlarmsRadioenge

    Why choose Radioenge?

    With its own technology and 100% national, the company is the market leader in MESH network radios for smart grid and security applications.

    Why choose Radioenge? | Radioenge Security | Mesh Network and Wireless AlarmsRadioenge

    The word of those who know the most about technology: our customers.

    • “The Radioenge wireless alarm system was purchased by my company. The sensors are really good, really good. The plant works very well. And, it even has its own app. Many thanks to Radioenge. Your material is excellent.”

      José Agostinho
      General Director of Harpia Segurança Privada
    • “We would like to thank our commercial partner Radioenge, for his collaboration and dedication during all these years of work and partnership.”

      Alexandre Vieira
      General manager of SIS Alarmes
    • “Thanks Radioenge. I am very, very, very happy with your work, service and equipment.”

      Adriana Silveira
      Manager of Silveira Segurança Privada

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