MESH Network for Public Lighting


With the solution via radios in mesh network for monitoring public lighting is possible.



With the MESH network radio solution for monitoring public lighting, it is possible to:

  • Remote monitoring of burnt out lamps: allows you to inform maintenance teams which lamps are defective from a distance;
  • Activation of the lamps: by luminosity (photocell), programmed time or by command – allows to optimize the lighting time;
  • Integration with the lamp: It uses the cabinet defined in ABNT NBR 5123 and replaces the photocell system in the activation of the lamps;
  • Communication: via MESH radio network, with 128-bit encryption;
  • The System can be integrated with the MESH Network for Smart Grid used in energy telemetering.

Technical specifications

  • MESH Network with Self Routing and Self Healing;
  • Frequencies from 902-928MHz (license free) or 460MHz (licensed);
  • 128-bit encryption;
  • 1W power (+30dBm).

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