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In the broadest sense, the term IoT (Internet of Things) encompasses everything connected to the internet. Today, however, it is increasingly used to define objects that "talk" to each other over the web. In practice, the Internet of Things is made up of devices, ranging from simple sensors to smartphones, home appliances and wearables, connected to each other.

Through the connection of these devices with automated systems, it is possible to collect information, analyze it and create automation and interaction actions, with the objective of facilitating a specific task or accumulating knowledge about a process.

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LoRaWAN and LoRaMESH. More than the future, the present of connectivity.

The idea of ​​Internet of Things is to allow different products to be connected to the internet. For this, LoRaWAN technology was created. Its network topology is like a star: the modules (end devices) communicate with several gateways. An end device does not have a fixed gateway and can deliver messages to any gateway in the network. LoRa modulation enables long-range wireless communication and low power consumption and is suitable for most IoT applications.

The LoRaMesh Radioenge RF development module is ideal for those who want to develop small wireless applications without the need for extensive knowledge in telecommunications. The development concern should only be in the applications that communicate with the device's serial ports.

The LoRaMESH module combines the LoRa modulation, with long range and low energy consumption, to the so-called Mesh network, in which each radio works not only as a signal receiver, but also as a router, making it, therefore, a highly scalable network. Using the ModBus protocol, you can easily transmit messages transparently between different points in the network.

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    Advantages of Radioenge IoT – Internet of Things.

    Allows the connection of various products and devices to the internet.

    LoRa modulation enables wireless communication with low power consumption.

    LoRaMesh module is ideal for wireless applications, without the need for extensive knowledge in telecommunications.

    Why choose Radioenge?

    With its own technology and 100% national, the company is the market leader in MESH network radios for smart grid and security applications.

    Why choose Radioenge? | Radioenge IoT | Connectivity and Internet of ThingsRadioenge

    The word of those who know the most about technology: our customers.

    • “The Radioenge wireless alarm system was purchased by my company. The sensors are really good, really good. The plant works very well. And, it even has its own app. Many thanks to Radioenge. Your material is excellent.”

      José Agostinho
      General Director of Harpia Segurança Privada
    • “We would like to thank our commercial partner Radioenge, for his collaboration and dedication during all these years of work and partnership.”

      Alexandre Vieira
      General manager of SIS Alarmes
    • “Thanks Radioenge. I am very, very, very happy with your work, service and equipment.”

      Adriana Silveira
      Manager of Silveira Segurança Privada

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